Designating the Future

A Merocian Saga Short Story

The newest colony, Merocius, represents hope for a brighter future, away from the overpopulated Homeworld. But landing a spot on The Aspire is difficult, though.
They need the best of the best on this mission because there’s no room for mistakes. The ship is the largest, the distance the farthest, and the solar system the most unexplored. Nothing can go wrong.

To say they’re being highly selective would be an understatement.

Meet the Crew of The Aspire before they find out if their post’s approved and see how close some come to being left behind.

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The below are stories written to explore different ideas, styles, and genres. With each one, I work to develop my craft, attempt to push my boundaries, and strive to become a better writer. 
Please take a look around and enjoy.


Prompt(700 words or less): Wrinkles The harsh lighting of the bathroom shines down on me. I sit sideways on the counter gazing into the mirror, examining my reflection. I run my hand up my cheek then along the underside of my eye. The soft skin pulls at my gently touch….

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The Coffee Shop, The Harpy, and the Jock

This is why I can’t have nice things. Covered in hot, foamy coffee and the center of attention I tried to make a discreet exit, but heaven forbid I get out of this with my dignity intact. The coffee and teas I’d been carrying hadn’t just wet my apron. Oh…

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The Truth Behind the Mirror

**This piece is a little longer than my usual posts, but it was so much fun and the characters were determined to tell their story. I hope you enjoy the mix of sweet interaction and creepy, unexpected events! As always, thank you for reading!** _________________________________ South Mountain Amusement Park –…

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Failure of a God

The warm evening air sizzled with energy, prickling along her skin. The warning was amplified by the scent of the wet moss and death that coated her tongue and throat. Someone was here. An intruder to this realm.  Samina walked through the buildings of the small downtown and stopped at…

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Fixer Upper

I walked into the house and immediately felt at home. The walls had cracks that extended from the ceiling all the way to the floor. The wallpaper was awful, a lemon yellow so bright that it was hard to look at. The stairs were rotten in several places and the…

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Feckless Liar

The book Lucja held was heavy in her hand. It smelled of ink and musk. It smelled of heaven. It was her favorite scent in the world, but today even it couldn’t pull her out of her misery. She could feel the eyes on her and although she wanted to…

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Match Up a Tree

Spending the night up a tree leads you to discover a balance you wouldn’t think possible. It’s something innate, a skill for survival that keeps aloft. Up there with the invisible insects and winged nocturnal hunters you’re safe from the rest of the world even as your legs burn and…

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Happy 80th to Me!!

Francis showed up to her 80th birthday party with her hair dyed bright blue. She wore a sundress that she felt showed off her curvy figure well considering her age. It was fitted at the waist, flared just slightly, and fell just below her knees. So Francis strutted in feeling…

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A Conversation Between Artists

“Hey, honey? Do you know where my skull is?” Hazel asked. “Your skull? No, but I know where your severed head is.” Chance pulled back the hairs of his paintbrush and released it. Paint splattered across his canvas. “It’s in the back of my car.” “Ah, perfect! I have a…

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