Designating the Future

A Merocian Saga Short Story

The newest colony, Merocius, represents hope for a brighter future, away from the overpopulated Homeworld. But landing a spot on The Aspire is difficult, though.
They need the best of the best on this mission because there’s no room for mistakes. The ship is the largest, the distance the farthest, and the solar system the most unexplored. Nothing can go wrong.

To say they’re being highly selective would be an understatement.

Meet the Crew of The Aspire before they find out if their post’s approved and see how close some come to being left behind.

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The below are stories written to explore different ideas, styles, and genres. With each one, I work to develop my craft, attempt to push my boundaries, and strive to become a better writer. 
Please take a look around and enjoy.

A Sister’s Love and a Brother’s Regret

Thunder cracked overhead, the rain shifting from a light drizzle to a downpour.  He flinched but didn’t stop. In truth, the rain didn’t bother him much even as it dripped into his eyes and soaked his shoes. It took only moments for the cold to seep in and the shivering…

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The first few stars glitter above me and I make a wish. One that I hold closely, but know may not come true. The grass is cool beneath my feet as I dig my toes into the rich green. I close my eyes when the cool wind shifts, blowing the…

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I wiggled my toes, the platform cold beneath my feet. The concrete was smooth.  “Hello?” I called, my voice sounding hallow. A slight, somehow stunted, echo reverberated back to me.  Beyond the platform a vast desert shimmered in the moonlight. Mounds of sand rolled for miles and miles. A breeze…

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The Fall of a Ballerina

Before, the dance came naturally. She’d been a ballerina for most of her life, so her body knew what to do. With every dip in tempo or crescendo brightening the stage, her body flowed, graceful as breathing – happy to bend with every note. It had been her dream, her…

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Demon’s Mire

The water rippled. A shiver ran up my spine as the sound of the forest hushed. We all turned to as a splash resonated somewhere in the dark water. A few hushed moments passed and then a bubble began to grow along the surface. Larger and larger it became until…

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Burn From Within

“You have no idea who you are messing with!” Kelsey slammed the door, the resounding boom shaking the walls. A flier fluttered from the hallway message board to the floor. Kelsey cursed as she slipped on the small sheet. Her arms cartwheeled uncontrolled before she caught herself. Her hand hit…

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Admission on the Dock

“Mom, are you there? I need to talk.” Brooklyn lowered herself, taking a seat on the edge of the dock. The wood was rough against the back of her legs as they hung over the edge, the tips of her toes kissing the water. The sun warmed her skin, but…

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She was completely alone. No people, no animals, not even the biting flies. She’d gone into the bunker believing that when she emerged, everything would be the same, that it was another false alarm. But as she took in the silence, the lack of that ever so consistent hum of…

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Prompt: Chopsticks. They are not always what they seem.  __________________________________ Children are weird. I mean, I know I was made for them and I’m glad that I found my human, but…  Here I lay, halfway off the small bed, watching my whole world -in a pretty pink tutu and neon…

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