Designating the Future

A Merocian Saga Short Story

The newest colony, Merocius, represents hope for a brighter future, away from the overpopulated Homeworld. But landing a spot on The Aspire is difficult, though.
They need the best of the best on this mission because there’s no room for mistakes. The ship is the largest, the distance the farthest, and the solar system the most unexplored. Nothing can go wrong.

To say they’re being highly selective would be an understatement.

Meet the Crew of The Aspire before they find out if their post’s approved and see how close some come to being left behind.

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The below are stories written to explore different ideas, styles, and genres. With each one, I work to develop my craft, attempt to push my boundaries, and strive to become a better writer. 
Please take a look around and enjoy.

Grace and Conflict

Aislign entered the grand ballroom and had to hold back a gasp. The ostentatious decor was undoubtedly beautiful, but in such a way that it was overwhelming.  “Good Evening Madam,” the doorman said. Smiling, Aislign said. “Good evening Thomas-and please-tonight it is Counselor Weaver.” “Yes, of course Madam. My apologies.” …

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Buck and the Beanstalk

Point of view Challenge: Jack and the Beanstalk Prompt: Re-tell this story from the first person point view from a character of your invention. Any first-person narrators are unreliable because the telling always is leans toward their personal agenda.   ——————————————————- “How in the Sam hill don’t y’all understand? Mr. Jensen,…

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