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Author of Science Fiction and Urban Fantasy

Tracey Canole’s love for reading started at thirteen when her sister made her a deal, read seven books, and she’d buy her five more. Not long after that, she realized she’d created a monster.  Tracey became enamored with the different worlds, unique people, and outlandish adventures. 

It is because of this that reading has been her escape  ever since. Beginning to write a few years later, Tracey terrified her mother with the strange world she’d created.  So, she decided to take a break from it and, instead, focused on other interests, finding her career in the medical field and falling in love with patient care and data analysis.

It didn’t take long before her love for writing, once again, peaked its head up and demanded some attention.

Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, Tracey learned one of the best ways to deal with the summer heat was to find something to do inside or to escape it altogether. So, Tracey can often be found in her studio painting, sculpting, or creating something unexpected in another unusual way! 

But her absolute joy is found in exploring the world through hiking and camping with her husband and two beautiful children. Over the last few years, they have explored some of the most beautiful places, gone on breathtaking hikes, and spent countless hours playing board games in the middle of nowhere. 

Tracey’s debut novel, Source Awakening, released January 18, 2022; a story which is so dear to her heart. The Source Rising Series is an adventure based on personal growth, loyalty, and love. A nerd at heart, Tracey has created a story that mixes her love for science fiction with a coming of age story like none other. 

Tracey hopes to develop a community of readers who love adventure as much as she does, and who enjoy stories that take them away and make them think. Check out a few of her short stories on the Obsessed by Words Blog above! Then sign up for her newsletter to get exclusive content as well as keep updated on current and upcoming titles!

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“We are only ever as smart as what we know today.” — Source Awakening, Tracey Canole

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