A Science Fiction Adventure


They said the Earth was safe. They were wrong. That piece of the rogue planet, Goliath, changed everything — more than Reena realized. Now she must learn to survive in a world destroyed, control these developing powers, and figure out what The Source is, and why it’s calling to her. Reena is about to take a journey she never saw coming. Let’s hope she can survive it.  

This is a coming-of-age scifi adventure, filled with romance, strong familial ties, and unexpected abilities.


Reena Novak barely survived Goliath’s entrance, but the betrayal from within nearly broke her. Now, she’ll do anything to get Jax back, even if it means sacrificing herself. But with the Deranged closing in and her powers going haywire, the pull to The Source is getting stronger. It’s time to figure out what The Source is, and what it’s doing to the Earth.


Reena and her crew made it aboard the vessel that will take them to Goliath. They know The Source sits somewhere upon it, waiting. They also know it’s damaging the Earth and it’s time to fix what’s broken. But trust between them is shaky at best. They must find a way to work as a team, learn each other’s powers, and figure out how to link to one another or the mission is lost. 

Goliath is not what they expect. Nothing makes sense here, but the further they travel into its depths, the more the clues line up. Were all of Reena’s visions true? And if so, what could that mean for their success? Let’s hope Reena can put the pieces together before The Source destroys everything she holds dear.

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