The Penumbra: Between Life & Death an Anthology

Let’s Dance with the Moon in five fascinating tales that question the link between life and death.

The Art of Blood and Death – Michelle A. Darnell : Viktor’s the best small-town healer around—and he knows it. When a mysterious man arrives and offers to improve his skills by training him in the art of necromancy, Viktor must decide if the allure of power and the chance to win the heart of his beloved outweighs the risk to his humanity.

Old Magic – Tracey Canole: For Claudia, hiding in plain sight is normal. Lying is, too. But this town is innocent, and her past is back with a vengeance. Claudia must expose her necromancer powers, raise something so wild she’s not even sure she can control them, and take on The Order of Righteousness.

A Gift Perpetual – Marc B. DeGeorge: Before the eclipse of the three moons, fourteen-year-old Adi must decide his future. A wrong choice will sentence him to a life unfulfilled, but Adi does not know what is right. Then he receives an offer that could change his world. If only he would accept it.

Shoot the Moon – E. Marie Robertson: Pira Rossoff’s a rising star on the Lunar Settlement Brigade’s AI/Machine Learning team until she tries to help a fellow cadet who’s wandered into dangerous territory.  What she discovers could become a watermark moment in her career—or cost Pira her life, if she makes the wrong move.

Big Brother – J. Logan C. Rice: Shadows speak to a rare few, but to have one bonded to a human is unusual. Styles and Manny’s story is even more unique still. And now, together, they experience what it means to become a big brother and protect his baby sister from the rogues who would harm an innocent child.

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Holiday Spirit: A WPC Press Anthology

Dive into 40+ short stories and discover what makes the last month of the year so divine.

For this cast of jolly characters, December is much more than Christmas tree toppers and menorahs. With sinister santas, magical solstices, and the ever famous Krampus on their heels, the holidays will never be the same. Can the snowmen get their revenge? Will a friend get the call he desperately needs on National Call a Friend Day? Does the Christmas abomination finally find a vulnerable victim?

Holiday Spirit: A WPC Press Anthology is a collection of multi-genre short stories featuring a variety of reasons to celebrate or… panic in the festive month of December. If you like obscure hidden holidays, mysterious happenings, and feel-good holiday surprises, then you’ll love this entertaining anthology.

Love in the Dark: A Paranormal Romance Valentine’s Anthology

Once the chocolates and cards are trashed, what lies beneath the glitter of Valentine’s Day?

As Valentine’s Day looms, the world prepares for a holiday filled with love and treats. But when sweethearts turn sinful and lovers turn lethal, some will need to find more than a love potion to fight for their lives. Can they survive killer dates, conniving gaslighters, and vicious dogs?

Love in the Dark: A Paranormal Romance/Horror Valentine’s Anthology is a collection of dark and disturbing short stories exploring the repulsive and spooky side of this traditionally cheerful holiday. If you enjoy morbid humor, guts and gore, and ghosts with a vengeance, then you’ll love this unsettling anthology. Buy Love in the Dark to find out what really lurks beneath Cupid’s bow this Valentine’s Day.

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