Adult Science Fiction

The Secrets of Eronis 8
Merocian Saga

Waking up 4 months late, life support failing, and the Elemental Crew missing…what else could go wrong?  

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Designating the Future
A Merocian Saga Short Story

Meet the Crew of The Aspire before they find out if their post is approved and see how close some come to being left behind.   

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The Truth will Always Point You Home.

Source Awakening

The world as we know it is about to end, can you handle it??  Check out this sci-fi adventure filled with romance, powers, and strong familial ties.

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Source Ignited

They all want a piece of her— her polar opposite, the love of her life, and the lunatic. But The Source is what calls to her soul.

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Source Evolution

Rules don’t apply here, and things aren’t what they seem. But one thing is clear. If they can’t learn to work together, they’ll fail before the fight even begins.  

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Stories of Other Universes

Holiday Spirit: A WPC Press Anthology

Check out my short story, Christmas Pickles, in the Anthology Holiday Spirit!

Love in the Dark: A Paranormal Romance Valentine’s Anthology

Check out my short story, One and Only, in this collection of dark and disturbing short stories exploring the repulsive and spooky side of the Valentine’s Day holiday.

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