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About Source Ignited:

They all want a piece of her — her polar opposite, the love of her life, and the lunatic.

Reena Novak will do anything to get her best friend Jax back, even if it means sacrificing herself. Her chosen path is harder than she expects, and it draws the attention of the ones she fears most—The Deranged. Now that they have her scent, they’ll never stop hunting her. 

Her mission has not changed. The Source calls to her, and she needs to know why because things are changing in the world. The ever-increasing storms, strange migration patterns, and that feeling of wrongness in her chest is getting worse. As her powers grow, the more she senses something’s coming and fears she won’t be able to protect those she loves. 

Reena needs her polar opposite by her side, but Remy still blames her for his uncle’s death. More importantly, The Deranged are closing in. It’s time to get to the coast, convince Remy to join their cause, and find a way to The Source. Perhaps, with the help of some new friends and a few miracles, Reena can put the pieces together before the damage is too great to repair.

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