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About The Secrets of Eronis 8:

Leaving the homeworld was easy. Discovering time is their enemy, is the hard part.

The spacecraft, The Aspire, has one mission: reach the new world so its 3,500 passengers can start a new life. When Captain Mitchel Remian awakens from hypersleep to find life support down and the crew maintain it missing, it’s up to him to save what’s left. 

That Herculean task becomes even more urgent when a hostile alien presence is discovered. Crew are dying, their timelines seized and bled dry with an unnatural violence. 

They must find a way to treat the ship and stop this malevolence before they get to their target destination or it will spread. The answers hide outside The Aspire’s walls, but in the race against time with a life-sucking enemy and a deteriorating spaceship, it will take every bit of cunning the crew can muster to reclaim their timelines and survive landing on their new homeworld.

The Secrets of Eronis 8 is a thrilling adventure, exploring planet colonization and first contact science fiction. It is an odyssey across our galaxy to start a new life in a new colony, but first they must defeat a time-altering alien menace. 

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